Top Celebrities who have attended drug treatment centers

By | March 31, 2019

The trappings of fame have lead many astray over the years, and it can look from the outside like this party lifestyle is great fun and that celebrities are untouchable. However this is not always the case, as many celebrities over the years have ended up in drug treatment centers due to their excesses. These are from all industries – from film to music, and we have chronicled 5 of these who took it to the extreme.

Peter Doherty

The former Libertines and now Babyshambles singer has been arrested for drugs possession and been in rehab more times than you can possibly count. His most recent misdemeanour is appearing in court and being found with heroin on him. You really can’t make it up! He has been in and out of rehab for a good 5-6 years and anyone who has been to see him play live knows that you never know which Pete is going to turn up, whether it will be the drugged up one or the genius songwriter version.

Charlie Sheen

The Two and a Half Men  star had a wild time in his younger days, and has ended up in rehab a couple of times, amid rumours of “alcohol and drug abuse” from ex-wives. In an interesting twist his current wife went into rehab recently.

Robert Downey Jr

Another actor whose drug addiction started when he was only 6 years old, and by 22 he was hopelessly addiction. He was in and out of drug treatment centers for years in the 90s, and only now is starting to get his life back together

These are just a few of many examples and should serve as lessons to everyone, that addiction doesn’t happen only to “normal” non-famous people but also to these celebrities  who are so idolised in the media.

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